Pycharm, Javascript and Ajax Variables

Here’s the problem. You make an AJAX call the returns a Javascript object. Since Pycharm does not know anything about that object, it kicks up a bunch of “Unresolved variable” warnings. Too many to handle with “Suppress for statement”. Too dangerous to use “Suppress for file”. Here’s how to handle it:

$.ajax({type: "POST", url: "my_ajax_url", data: {item1: 7, item2: 3}})
         * @param content
         * @param content.success   indicates ajax code ran successfully
        function (content) {
            if (content.success) {

For more info, see JSDoc documentation. For example, the code below is one way to handle imported libraries

    <script type="text/javascript">
         * @external google
         * @param google.charts
         * @param google.charts.setOnLoadCallback
        google.charts.load('current', {packages: ['corechart', 'bar']});

        function drawChart() {
             * @param google.visualization.DataTable
             * @param google.charts.Bar
             * @param data.addColumn
             * @param data.addRows
            var data = new google.visualization.DataTable();
            data.addColumn('number', 'Hour');
            data.addColumn('number', 'PageViews');

            data.addRows({{ histogram|safe }});

            var options = {
                chart: {
                    title: 'Page Views by Hour'

                axes: {
                    y: {
                        PageViews: {label: 'Page Views'}
                hAxis: {
                    title: 'Hour of Day'

            // Instantiate and draw our chart, passing in some options.
            var chart = new google.charts.Bar(document.getElementById('chart_div'));
            chart.draw(data, options);

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