Django Error: Invalid HTTP_HOST header

You can get the error “Invalid HTTP_HOST header” if you have the setting “ALLOWED_HOSTS” improperly configured. But what if it is properly configured and you keep getting this error for HTTP_HOSTs that are clearly messed up. Some bot or hacker is probably probing your site. All the more reason not to open up ALLOWED_HOSTS. What to do?

First you need to be able to create the error so you can be sure your fix worked. Here is how to do that:

curl -H "Host: sfdfsdff"

If this command is doing what it should, you should get an HTTP 400. Then a little later the email.

Now that you can trigger the error at will, it’s time to stop it. There are many options discussed here. I like option of handling it in Nginx, like this:

upstream app_server {
    server unix:/tmp/ fail_timeout=0;

server {


    ## Deny illegal Host headers
    if ($host !~ ^(|$ ) {
        return 444;

When you are done, restart nginx:

service nginx restart

If it works correctly, curl should return: Empty reply from server


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