Pip and Github or Bitbucket

To use pip to install an app from Bitbucket, do this:

pip install git+ssh://git@bitbucket.org/my_username/my_repo.git@tagnumber

Or to install the latest:

pip install git+ssh://git@bitbucket.org/my_username/my_repo.git

To put it in your requirements file:


Gotcha: Tag Numbers vs Version Numbers

Don’t forget that to be able to install a module this way, it needs to be a python package complete with a setup.py file. The setup.py file determines the version number for pip, NOT the repo tag number.

Lets say you have repo tag 0.1 with version number 0.1. Then you make some modifications, commit them, and tag them 0.2. Since you did not change the version number, when you do a pip update to tag number 0.2, pip will not update your code because the version number is still 0.1.

It probably is wise to make your version numbers match your repo tag number.


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