Django Migrations: “No changes detected”

If you get the message “No changes detected” after running:

python makemigrations MY_APP

AND you have seen all the Q&A on Stackoverflow related to first migrations or migrating from an older version AND none of that applies to you then may be I have the answer.

Maybe your model code has a bug. In my case, I had a complex and expensive calculation that I added as a @property of my model. Later, I decided to slightly de-normalize my database and actually make that property a database field. The problem was I forgot to delete the @property method. This was over-riding my new field. Which is why it was not detected. Duh…


One thought on “Django Migrations: “No changes detected”

  1. This one does it for me. I added a new field then ran `./ makemigrations` django did not detect any changes. It turns out I have a method with the same name already defined below.

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